Fallout Shelter

This version of the video game appeared not so long ago, in June of this year. They released it simply, without unnecessary noise and pathos. During this short time, many users fell in love with the mobile version. First of all, because you can download Fallout Shelter absolutely free. It loads easily, and immediately has a positive effect only on its appearance.

fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter Overview

The gamer should remember that this variant took a lot from the main version of the game, which is world famous and loved. The creators decided that each player will play the role of the Guardian of the trusted bunker. To start going through the strategy, you only need to select the appropriate number of the underground shelter in the Fallout Shelter. The goal of the game is to establish production and life of people who survived after a nuclear attack.

When all the preparatory stages are completed, you can start building and improving the shelter. Having started the strategy, the player must know the basics of management. After all, you will have to not only build and upgrade rooms, but also correctly assign residents and, accordingly, workers to them. There is nothing special in the world after the apocalypse. Therefore, it will be necessary to create the most elementary and necessary for the life and development of people. There are a lot of rooms in the game, but they should be repeated during the construction process so that all the new needs of the population are taken into account and satisfied.

In Fallout Shelter, the rules of the game say that new people can come under the doors of the bunker and wait to be let in. The gamer, starting from the skills of the new arrivals and what is needed now, decides who to accept and who else can wait.

How to allocate workers

Since a special system has been introduced in the project, people must be assigned to rooms in accordance with it. If a resident is strong in something, he is sent to the appropriate job in order to increase the efficiency of people’s work. After some time, the characteristics of the characters will improve, and with them the quality of their work.

Fallout Shelter

Wasteland travel

Some residents, the strongest and most resilient, should be prepared for an expedition to the outside world. Since it is not at all safe there, a person is well equipped. They give excellent weapons, drugs for radiation and send them out the door. From the moment of exit, this bunker dweller is no longer controlled. All that is available is to read reports about his adventures. Do not forget that in case of serious danger it would be better to recall the traveler from the expedition, thereby saving his life.

In fact, the whole process of the game goes like this. The custodian must clearly and quickly perform his functions in order to ensure comfortable living for people in the shelter. Sometimes emergencies can arise that are sure to attract the attention of the player.

The birth of children is obligatory in the bunker, without them further development is impossible. Creating a family increases people’s level of happiness, and with it the ability to work actively and fruitfully. A pregnant woman can do certain work. In addition, we must not forget that in the event of a lack of space in the room, the birth of children will not occur. The pregnancy itself lasts three hours, as well as the period of growth and development of the child.

Fallout Shelter is a very good game. Those who have already fallen in love with the previous versions of the strategy, it has the detailing of every little thing. Those who are unfamiliar with it will also be interested, as it is light, interesting and exciting. Even though the project is designed for mobile devices (often they are not very good), it was created with high quality and is doomed to success.

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