Fallout Shelter how to cheer up

Today there are a lot of games for mobile devices that have moved from the computer. Most of them are not popular at all. These projects are created simply to earn additional funds through a well-known name. But still there are exceptions to this rule. Not all creators of entertaining toys are only after money. There are also those who value the reputation of well-known strategies very much and do not allow themselves to spoil it with bad mobile versions.

Fallout Shelter how to cheer up

As for Fallout Shelter, it is a very worthy copy of the world-famous full-fledged Fallout. It was created by a studio well versed in how to survive in a world after a nuclear war.

How to make a tenant happy?

How to cheer up in Fallout Shelter? Yes, very simple. To do this, first of all, you need to know for what reasons it disappeared. The character may become sad if he is injured, has received a large dose of radioactive radiation, or has been away from home for a long time. In addition, sadness comes if a person suffers from idleness.

In order to raise the general mood, all factors that lead to despondency must be eliminated. In addition, it is worth carefully studying the thoughts of your people, as they may contain information about the source of sadness, which is easily eliminated.

In general, the game is quite worthy of attention, like its famous predecessor. Knowing all the subtleties of this strategy, it will not be difficult to pass it even for those who are not familiar with the widescreen version at all and see the game for the first time.

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