Fallout Shelter how to attract people

Very unexpectedly for everyone at a press conference, Bethesda announced the release Fallout Shelter games intended for mobile platforms. This project has become a leader in many lists of downloaded games, he was loved by gamers and is happy to spend time in this strategy. Fallout Shelter is very liked by all fans of the original version and even those who see it for the first time. This is an excellent version of the mobile game, without unnecessary obsessive payments and purchases, which simply discourage the desire to start the game at all. Best of all, before the first launch, the strategy is to study well. For example, it does not hurt to get acquainted with all kinds of tips that help organize a wonderful bunker for people to live.Fallout shelter how to attract people

Fallout shelter how to attract people

Initially, the player receives a standard shelter. But it is quite in his power to expand the bunker, add rooms and gradually increase the level of happiness. Cutting is necessary to place correctly, and people need to be sent there carefully, only by checking if it is suitable character skills Fallout Shelter. How to find new people is asked very often. The procedure itself is pretty simple. It is necessary to build a room in which to put radio stations, they will help attract new personalities to the bunker, as well as keep the level of happiness of residents on top. But even now you know how to recruit people in Fallout Shelter, do not forget that a functioning radio room can attract not only new personalities, but also ill-wishers, so you always need to be in full combat readiness. It’s also worth remembering, that you need to place people in rooms correctly and this is no exception. After all, the poor location of the characters entails a deterioration in the game process. You can increase the population in the bunker not only by attracting them using the radio room from outside, but also giving birth to a baby within the shelter.

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