Fallout Shelter how to have a baby

Fallout shelter was released in June this year at the E 2015 conference by Bethesda. It is free and easily installed on mobile devices operating on Android and iOS. Is an announcement for the release of Fallout 4. Despite the fact that the strategy was released not so long ago, it is popular among gamers, both those who know what kind of game it is and those who get to know it for the first time.Fallout Shelter how to give birth to a babyMany people really like to act as an administrator and lead all the processes in the bunker. The player must definitely maintain an adequate level of resources: water, food and electricity. In addition, the condition and mood of the asylum seekers should be monitored. It is bad when they are sad, their performance is reduced, thereby reducing the daily evaluation of the admin. The social issue in the project was given great importance, therefore, in addition to the development and construction of the bunker, it will be necessary to create families and monitor their relationship.

Fallout Shelter birth of a baby

In order for new residents to appear in the bunker, families need to give birth to children. The bedrooms are designed for this. When a man and a woman with good performance are placed there, you can observe that a person of the weaker sex is expecting a baby.Fallout Shelter how to give birth to a baby

How long does pregnancy last in Fallout Shelter

From the moment the “bubble” appears and to birth, about three hours pass. As much will be required for its growth and development. In order for the children to be good and grow up as full-fledged residents of the shelter with excellent characteristics of the father, it is necessary to select a very charismatic one. Do not forget about sleeping clothes. When you do not just place residents in one room, but also change clothes, the lady will become pregnant much faster. One father may have several children from different women, but do not forget that the daughters of this man will not be able to have children from him.Fallout Shelter how to give birth to a baby

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