Fallout Shelter Rooms

Relatively recently, the project became available to everyone. Of course, it falls short of a simulator, Fallout Shelter is more like a kind of mobile village where you can easy and relaxed to play. But even such games cause gamers to have many different questions that must be answered.

Fallout Shelter description of rooms

In the strategy, the player is endowed with the functions of a bunker keeper. He must follow everything that happens there, build new rooms, develop production and everyday life of the population.

Fallout Room Shelter

In order to meet the needs of people, the developers have thought of several options for premises. First of all, when starting construction, you need to think about how to plan the placement of rooms, where to put the elevator and how, in case of an emergency, to carry out the evacuation of residents.

As new residents approach the bunker, other types of rooms open up. In general, there are several of them:

  • mining;
  • teaching;
  • bedrooms;
  • repositories.

Each of them has its own functions. Since resources are very important in the game, production rooms are simply necessary. With their help, they replenish water, food, and also generate electricity. In addition to rooms that provide resources, there are rooms where medicines are created and radio stations are installed, attracting new potential residents.

Educational – help improve people. With their help, they open up new opportunities and skills, which in turn allows you to speed up and improve the quality of the production process.

If we talk about bedrooms, they are needed to create families. By placing two men and women in such a room, and changing into pajamas, the gamer speeds up the pregnancy process and birth of a new generation.

Fallout Shelter room - bedroom

As for storages, they are needed to save a certain amount of resources, as well as departments where various medicines are prepared. In addition to the main warehouse, there is a room in which weapons and items of a different nature are stored separately. Such compartments definitely need to be improved, this will make it possible to place more resources and things in them.

Fallout Shelter how to delete a room

If a room is redundant, useless, or interferes with further construction, it can be removed very easily. To do this, you just need to remove the room that interferes with development. Moreover, there are tips in the game that can always come in handy.

Fallout Shelter how to merge rooms

Locations are combined only if they are of the same type and located in a row. In this case, one large room will be automatically created from them. If 2 people can be accommodated in a standard compartment, then five or six people can easily get along in a combined one.

The strategy gained popularity very quickly, and this is not surprising. Firstly, it is of excellent quality, unlike other mobile toys, and secondly, it was created by Bethesda, and this is already a considerable guarantee of success.

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