Fallout Shelter lunchboxes

For the first time, Fallout Shelter was discussed at the E 2015 conference. Its presentation was also held there. After which the project became available for download and installation on mobile devices running OS Android and iOS. It very quickly took first place in the lists of the most downloaded games for mobile phones and tablets . Gamers have already appreciated this strategy, and some of them even wrote some manuals and posted these texts on the network.

Fallout Shelter lunchboxes

As for the very theme of the game, it touches upon the issue of human survival after a nuclear war. Everyone who was not killed by a dangerous explosion was gathered in an underground bunker. The player, in turn, performs the functions of a shelter manager. He must organize life, production and the birth of a new generation in the bunker.

Fallout Shelter Lunchbox

The game has a huge number of bonuses and rewards. For example, if a player knows how to get lunch boxes in Fallout Shelter, he is guaranteed additional resources or covers.

The lunch box was produced by Vault-Tec as an advertisement. When it is opened in the game, it becomes possible to choose four different cards with resources. If the task is completed, the gamer is given free boxes that are not advised to open immediately. It is best to do this only when all resources – food, water and electricity are almost gone. You can fully resume everything that is missing when the lunchbox has a full set of resources.

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