Fallout Shelter on Android

The well-known appearance, the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system, as well as the future after the apocalypse – everything that unites the world of Fallout with the new version Fallout Shelter on android. But if you do not take into account the fact that this is not an independent game, but an advertisement for version 4 of the strategy, then the picture is not at all bad. You can even download Fallout Shelter for Android and play for a week or two.

Fallout Shelter on Android

What is the Android version?

This game for smartphones and tablets touches on the theme of bunkers, which was the main theme in the Fallout world. The plot of the game is that they represent the future, where a large-scale nuclear conflict has unfolded among the main countries of the world. The danger of a nuclear war has always hung over the inhabitants of the state, so it was decided with the help of production workers to organize a network of underground bunkers. Such dwellings should not only allow humanity to survive, but also serve as a kind of experiment.

To delve into all the intricacies of the strategy, you can download Fallout Shelter for Android for free. The main task of the gamer is to be a good manager of the shelter. There is no need to experiment here, because the players are presented with a classic version of the bunker. Like any other survival housing, it is divided into a compartment. Each of them is designed to perform its tasks. It will be necessary to allocate resources in such a way that life in the home is properly maintained. Rational use of water, electricity and food is the key to successful silo management. Residents are selected based on their skills. Useless people have no place in the home, they remain in the wastelands of the world.

The game has got a new feature – a mission to the surface. It consists in sending a resident of a shelter in the wasteland on an expedition. There he will try to survive, earn new skills and resources. A gamer cannot influence his life and affairs, all that is available to him is to read reports on the character.

The interface of the project is positive. The creators have worked hard to create graphics of such good quality. The bunkers are presented in every detail: their inhabitants are constantly in business, engaged in production and setting up relationships with each other. It looks amazing, and those who are fans of the strategy will generally be delighted, as the creators tried to fully preserve the spirit of the original.

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