Fallout Shelter на iOS

Fallout Shelter iOS is a game that allows you to manage a shelter from the world of Fallout. It is allowed to build a so-called bunker for yourself, and settle there everyone who is running from the apocalypse. The main task is to become a wonderful manager over this entire village.Fallout Shelter на iOSTo succeed, you must perform the following tasks:

  • reconnaissance;
  • defend the bunker.


Download Fallout Shelter at iOS

This game is available for download on devices running iOS (Apple) operating system. The creators of the project were inspired by SimSity and FTL, as a result of which they introduced the Fallout Shelter to the world, but at the same time supplemented it with some unique ideas. This game allows anyone to take on the role of the so-called Vault-Tec bunker manager. The primary task is to make it successful and prosperous, and the population joyful and happy, protecting them from any troubles. The strategy makes it possible to increase the area of ​​u200bu200ba small shelter by completing the construction of underground rooms. Each inhabitant of the village has his own skills and weapons, and also corresponds to certain parameters. The game offers a wide selection of different modules that are completed during the game.

Fallout Shelter на iOS Fallout Shelter на iOS Fallout Shelter на iOS

In order to mine the necessary funds are allowed to send residents to the so-called missions. And to increase the population, it is necessary to carefully select pairs. Attacks on such bunkers are not ruled out. Therefore, the inhabitants of the shelter must always be on alert in order to repulse the mutant animals or the inhabitants of the wasteland. In the course of the strategy, certain difficulties and problems appear, in any case, they must be solved and the villages must be expanded by all available means. The creator company announced that it is canceling time limits and paid services, in addition, the game will not require you to look for a connection to the network.

Fallout Shelter на iOS Fallout Shelter на iOS

Download fallout shelter on ios without registration and payments via a direct link. In addition, there are a lot of materials on on our website that allow you to get acquainted with the strategy in advance. Fans of the original Fallout will love it right away, since great attention was paid to various little things here. Those who do not know anything about it yet will be interested, because the project is easy to manage and quite interesting. A great proof of this is the huge number of good reviews left in the App Store.

Download Fallout Shelter on iPhone/iPad

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