Fallout Shelter on tablet

Fallout Shelter was created by Bethesda. As part of the E3 2015 conference, company representatives presented to the world a version of the strategy for mobile devices running iOS and Android. Immediately after the presentation, it became available to download the game on tablets. You can download Fallout Shelter to your tablet online without much difficulty, it does not require payment and registration.

Fallout Shelter to tablet

Fallout Shelter on a tablet is a combination of three different strategies, complete with some unique options. As for the practical part of the game, there is less analogy with other games. In the very process of passing, some surprises often happen, it happens that users set up the family life of the population. The center of the strategy is a cozy underground bunker, which the gamer can choose by entering the main menu. In the future, people will be settled here, controlled by the player.

The hideout itself is cozy, but not very big. It consists of several rooms, a kitchen and one or two utility rooms. You can start the game with an assistant who will tell you, for example, where it is better to put the lift, how to combine rooms, or why it is necessary to leave two individuals of different sexes in the same room. Briefly speaking about the project, for a successful passage you will need: water, which quenches thirst and reduces radioactive radiation, food gives strength and energy to the inhabitants of the bunker, and electricity supports the functioning of all the premises of the shelter.

The main task of a gamer is to properly set up work in the shelter, not harm its inhabitants and distribute the load according to their skills.

For example, someone will do heavy physical work, some will be responsible for the birth of heirs, and the rest will receive radioactive wastelands.

In addition to performing their functions, villagers must be prepared for attacks from wastelanders or mutated animals. Such attacks are rare, but still combat readiness will not be superfluous. It is worth remembering that uniforms cannot be obtained inside the bunker, they are mined by sending a resident outside the dwelling, where he tries to survive and gain new skills. Some consider this the most exciting part of the strategy, although the gamer does not influence it in any way.

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