Fallout Shelter skills SPECIAL

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game released by Bethesda. It was presented without too much promotion and advertising, but, nevertheless, it already leads all kinds of popularity ratings. She was loved by both fans of the main version of Fallout, and seeing the strategy for the first time.

Fallout Shelter skill decoding

Each person who lives in a bunker has their own characteristics and skills. You should definitely pay attention to them before sending a character to a particular job. In order to get acquainted with this information, simply click on the person, in addition, such an operation is possible by pressing the button with the image of a gear. This is located at the top of the screen and shows the characteristics of absolutely the entire population of the shelter.

Skills in S.P.E.C.I.A.L are very important in the world of Fallout. But if we talk about this part, then here they are a little simplified, which allows the gamer to go through the strategy without much difficulty.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L has its own decoding, which is as follows:

  • S is strength. It is often very necessary in the production of resources. Increase it with the help of sports activities and training;
  • P – perception. This skill will be required when searching for water. Improves skill in weapon rooms;
  • E – Endurance. Affects the character’s health, his resistance to radiation and poisons;
  • C – charisma. It allows couples to quickly introduce each other in the bedrooms and attracts people from the outside world with the help of radio stations. It is better to train her in bars;
  • I – intelligence. It is very necessary in the creation of various medicines and medicines. Which can only be leveled up in classes;
  • A – Agility. Useful in the process of obtaining food in gardens and canteens;
  • L – good luck. Makes it possible to get more caps and various resources if a person is in the wasteland. She is trained in arcades. Fallout Shelter SPECIAL

From the foregoing, we can conclude how to raise SPECIAL in the Fallout Shelter.

It is very important in the game not to forget to give the job to the residents that matches their skills. At the same time, the productivity of their work will remain at its best, and all resources will be replenished on time.

Don’t forget about the ability to resurrect dead tenants. This is done only in cases where a very important character has died. To bring a person back from the other world, you will need to spend a lot of money. But developers and advanced gamers advise not to skimp on this, because growing a new high-quality character is much more difficult than simply paying for the resurrection of the old one.

They advise you not to ignore the tasks assigned. Their list can be found in the menu of the radio station, and immediately proceed to the decision. For the fact that they are fulfilled, the player will receive a special reward, as well as some boxes with valuables. Very often, shelter managers prefer to buy them, but why spend extra money if add-ons are available and free.

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