Fallout Shelter people don’t come

The version of the game Fallout Shelter came out without much noise and grand advertisements. The creator company has shown how to function as developers of mobile applications, namely: high-quality, fast and completely free. The gamer goes through all levels of the game easily and not compelled. But still some subtleties are definitely worth considering.Fallout Shelter no people come

Why don’t people come to Fallout Shelter

According to the rules of the game, people almost do not come to the bunker, but there is a need to replenish the shelter with residents. What should a player do in this case, what needs to be done in order to Fallout shelter new people appeared constantly?The solution is very simple. Since the project developers have highlighted the social issue, children need to be born constantly in asylum, almost like in a conveyor industry. Accordingly, all female individuals must be busy. In order for childbearing to go according to plan, you must first place a man and a woman in one separate room. It is better for a father to choose with a high level of charisma and take turns to place new ladies on him. After they dance and talk a female becomes pregnant. She walks in an “interesting” position for three hours, then a child is born, who will subsequently be a full-fledged resident of asylum and will be able to perform trusted functions. Do not forget that men are sometimes required to change, since daughters will not get pregnant from their father. Keep in mind also having free space in the hopper. When his girlfriend is not enough, she will walk in this position for a long time. Given all the subtleties of the game, going through it will be very easy, simple and exciting.

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