Fallout Shelter weapon

Fallout shelter – A video game that has been downloaded and experienced by a lot of people. It is available absolutely free and is an announcement before the release of the 4 version of Fallout. They presented it quite unexpectedly, at the E 2015 conference. No one was waiting for the appearance, but, nevertheless, in such a short period, Fallout shelter took off to the first places of ratings among games for mobile devices.Fallout shelter weaponsIt has some similarities from the main option, but still different. Deciding to test a strategy, you need to know all its subtleties. This will complete the process quite quickly and successfully. If the gamer will follow all the instructions and obey the hints, he will be able to build a wonderful shelter in which people will be very comfortable living and working. Since events are developing in the world after a nuclear attack, people can face different dangers. To do this, you need to strengthen the bunker, improve the doors in it and give residents good remedies, for example, weapons.

How to make weapons in Fallout Shelter

There can be several answers to a question in Fallout Shelter how to get a weapon. First of all, you can find it by opening lunch boxes.In Fallout Shelter, where many care about taking weapons. If it doesn’t add up with lunch boxes, you can equip volunteers in expedition to the outside world. In this case, they should be well equipped, provide good protection, give a cure for radiation and in about a week they will deliver several types of different weapons and armor to the bunker. The game has many different types of ammunition that are distributed to the entire population of the shelter. They help defend themselves against raider raids and death claws. In addition, they are effective in combating radarakans. All weapons are divided into three categories:

  • unique;
  • ordinary;
  • rare.

Also, weapons can be light, heavy and energy.

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