Fallout Shelter radiation

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game that has been released recently. But unlike other “jumped” from a computer, it is of good quality. Its creators made sure not to spoil the reputation and image of the main version of Fallout.Fallout shelter radiationStrategy endures during the time of nuclear war, when almost nothing alive is left on the earth, and what survived has mutated and is a great danger. People who survived the bombing went down to the ground in bunkers. Actually, the main events are developing there. The gamer will serve as the administrator of this home. He is entrusted with control over the availability of resources, state of people and security.

Fallout shelter radiation at shelter

Why in Fallout shelter radiation penetrates the bunker, excites many. First of all, it all depends on the water. If it is not enough for people to gradually increase the radioactive background, and they will need to be treated. Therefore, always monitor the amount of water in the hopper, and do not let the value fall into the red zone. As for the Fallout universe in general, then radiation arose after, how people in 2077 blew up a large amount of nuclear weapons. Measure her in the gardens. Each shelter is equipped with special sensors, which show how soon its level will become life threatening. Due to the fact that there was an infection of nature, all surviving animals mutated and turned into some monsters, they are very dangerous for the inhabitants of the bunker. Mutants attack them from time to time, thereby forcing the gamer to constantly improve and strengthen the doors of the bunker, and indeed the whole dwelling. Those residents who are infected are given a special medication – antiradine. It reduces the rate of radioactivity, and allows you to return people to a good mood, performance and the ability to live normally. In the game, the medicine is manufactured in “Science Lab” and stored on warehouse.

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