Fallout Shelter Game Tips

New strategy Fallout Shelter designed for mobile platforms and is a quality version of the game that “move” from a computer. Developers, creating similar versions, want, first of all, to make money on the product. But Bethesda Softworks employees worked hard to develop the game. This is what made it absolutely free, and overnight did not spoil the opinion of the main version of Fallout.

Fallout Shelter secrets of the game

Since the strategy saw the world recently, it would not hurt to know some nuances before starting its passage.fallout shelterThe geimer is the administrator of the bunker and is entrusted with the obligation to ensure the life of the population. He is responsible for the life of happiness and the well-being of people in the home, allows them to turn their existence into human and safe. Therefore, the main task of the player will be the construction and development of an underground bunker in Fallout Shelter. Useful tips in construction are as follows: twisting time forward on a mobile device allows you to speed up the process of building up the shelter, since the clock on the phone and in the game is closely connected. Such cunning has its drawbacks. They conclude that when normal time is restored on the device, failures begin in the game. The countdown of the character’s improvement time may stop working, failures in the distribution of resources begin, and there will also be problems for those who left with a mission to the surface. The problem is solved simply: the return of the population from the outside world to the bunker, and the inclusion of the Rush mode at certain points. To resume the time of pumping, you can move a person to another place of refuge. As for the heirs in the game, then the woman hatches pregnancy for three hours. It will take as much time to raise a child from a baby to an adult. But at the same time, do not forget that the number of seats in the bunker is strictly limited, which means that if there is no free space, the woman will not be able to give birth. Sometimes because of this, pregnant women go to almost all the representatives of the weaker sex in the home. Couples need to be created by the player, and it is better to select a man with a high level of charisma. Many gamers are wondering how to send people to the Wasteland. The procedure is extremely simple, but in front of it, characters must be provided with equipment and weapons, as well as give 10 radx and 20 simmaks. Only after that they pull people out the door, thereby sending them on an expedition for the alterations of the bunker. It is worth remembering that such characters must be controlled and returned home at night. Since those who remain overnight outside the shelter often die, even despite good uniforms. In the event that the player leaves the strategy for a long period, it is best to return all the inhabitants of the shelter back. Traveling to the outside world themselves allows you to find clothes and the necessary weapons. Everything that matters is in the lunch packaging.Fallout ShelterWhen exiting the game, do not forget to remove it from the RAM of the device. In case of failure to comply with this rule, an overspending of resources is obtained, which entails a negative impact on residents of asylum. The activity of the characters depends on the following:

  • Charisma: regulation of pregnancy, the ability to establish contact from residents of the outside world;
  • Good luck: impact on the quality of production and caps;
  • Intelligence: time of manufacture of medicines.

In addition to these, there are a number of functions that affect the vital functions of people. In general, everything in the game is fine and many gamers should like it.

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