Fallout Shelter why you need a warehouse

Fallout shelter – This is a version of the game for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. She will definitely fall in love with those who have already managed to get acquainted with the various options of Fallout. Its idea is as follows: nuclear conflicts between countries have begun in the world. People who survived everything gathered in an underground bunker and arrange their life there. The player, in turn, acts as a kind of administrator of this home and monitors that production is established, new people were born, and their level of happiness was on top.Fallout Shelter why need a warehouse

Warehouse purpose

Initially, the gamer is given a standard bunker room, which he needs to increase and improve. Everything is done very carefully and correctly, because it depends on how cozy and comfortable it is to live in a shelter level of happiness its population.Fallout Shelter why need a warehouseThe purpose of all rooms is often clear, they ask only about the following: in Fallout Shelter why need a warehouse. This is a very necessary room, as they retain spare medicines, weapons and uniforms. In addition, gamers are wondering in Fallout Shelter why people in stock. They do not perform special functions there, but in case of danger they can protect the entrusted premises or eliminate the focus of fire in it. As practice shows, and the participants in the game themselves confirm, the warehouse can function very well without people. They are often transferred to other premises, for example, to production, where they will bring much more benefits.

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  1. delv13

    Запасные медикаменты НЕ хранятся на складе, хватит уже воровать чужие статьи, тем более с ошибками

    1. lolososo

      Во-во, их макс. кол-во зависит только от кол-ва и улучшений соответствующих баз, вроде производства стимуляторов или антирадина.

  2. lolososo

    Вообще на складе держать людей смысла нет, как и сам склад строить где-то на виду.
    Да, будет не очень приятно, если там появятся кротокросы или радскорпионы, но в таком случае особо смысла нет и посылать туда людей на защиту склада. Т.к. они просто не успеют добежать, а монстры перейдут в другую комнату.

    Но раскидывать людей на склады только ради того, чтобы тушить там пожары или останавливать монстров – глупо.
    Какая разница, где будут тушить пожар на складе или в следущей комнате? Или где останавливать монстров?..