How to increase happiness in Fallout Shelter

Quite recently Fallout Shelter strategy was presented to the world. It happened quite unexpectedly. But, despite this, many gamers are passionate about the game to the fullest. There, each player turns into the so-called manager of a small village. In the process of passing the strategy, he needs to increase the size of the dwelling, develop production, earn new abilities, and also take care of the birth of a new generation . After all, children will be full-fledged residents of the bunker in the future. Their birth must be put on the conveyor, but be careful and consider enough for all the inhabitants of the place.Как в Fallout Shelter увеличить счастьеThere are three main resources, the constant presence of which is mandatory:

  • food (needed for the growth and development of residents);
  • electricity (required for the normal functioning of housing).

There are some points in the game, they must always be taken into account, Otherwise, nothing good can be built. They include not only the birth of children. It is required to develop residents, get new weapons and skills, and gradually create new rooms in the bunker. A very important point will be how happy the shelter residents are.

  • build a radio room;
  • have a baby;
  • you can also “listen” to what the residents are saying.

When placing a dweller in a particular room, look at the number above it, it will show how effective this dweller will be for that room. Look for a room for a person with the maximum value of his efficiency.Building a radio room helps not only to attract new people into the bunker, but also raise the general level of happiness of the population. Members become 100% happy for a while. You can also listen to what residents with a low level of happiness are talking about, often they themselves will tell you what they are not happy with. To do this, double-click on the room the residents are in and read the messages above them.Как в Fallout Shelter увеличить счастье Their productivity often drops, joy disappears from their faces, and the manager’s daily assessment will be very low. It in turn affects the number of caps. If the number is high, there will be more of them, if it is low, there will be few. For example, when a gamer scored 97% in a day, then his reward will be 140 caps, which is quite a worthy bonus for a good shelter manager. Fallout Shelter very exciting and interesting. Any player likes to feel like a boss and manage an entire bunker, while receiving additional bonuses if successful.

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