How to heal people in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is the mobile version of the video game. It belongs to the Fallout strategy series and is distributed free of charge. But if you wish, you can buy new opportunities or skills for money here.

In Fallout Shelter, the gamer performs the tasks of a manager. He improves the life of people who survived after a nuclear attack and builds and improves the bunker itself. All tasks that face the leader require careful and immediate implementation. A prerequisite is to maintain good mood and the health of residents. If a person is sad, then the production process will go slowly and not productively. The reasons for this condition are often different. If it’s just a character’s bad mood, then it needs to be raised. You can make him a family, or just move him to a new room where it will be more comfortable.

But another misfortune happens – illness. And so many players ask the question in Fallout Shelter how to treat residents.

Fallout Shelter how to heal residents

If the person who came from the wasteland is very radioactive, then he should definitely be given an anti-radium. Thus, he will begin his treatment. After a while, he will be completely healed and ready for new exploits. In addition, the player should ensure that the people in the bunker have enough of all the resources, especially food and water. If there are few of them, or not enough at all, the characters can also get sick. To rid them of this state, it will be necessary to restore all the resources in the bunker to normal. Then people will be healed, and it will be possible to continue to engage in construction, production, as well as the birth of a new generation.

You can quickly restore health only with stimpacks, which are produced in the so-called Medbay

Care for residents plays a very important role in this version of the strategy. You should always monitor their condition and mood. When health and happiness are at a high level, it will become much easier to pass the game.

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