Why no babies are born in Fallout Shelter

More recently, Fallout fans have witnessed the release of a new version of it, just intended for mobile phones and tablets. They are similar to each other, this option is the so-called 4 version of a full-fledged favorite computer game.Why are not babies born in Fallout Shelter Principle strategies the same remained. The player needs to be the “beginner” of the bunker, in which people who survive after nuclear explosions live. They will need to be built new rooms, organize production and various missions for the extraction of new skills and weapons. In addition, the gamer should monitor whether people have enough room space and resources for life. It is worth remembering that water shortages will lead to radiation infection, lack of food – to starvation, and insufficient electricity will worsen the operation of production and the functioning of the entire bunker. You need to be very careful about people. Observe their mood and condition, read dialogs, so there you can often find the cause of the disorder. It happens just out of two inhabitants you need create a family and let the woman get pregnant.

Fallout Shelter what a woman needs to give birth to

To create a pair, it is excellent to choose two heroes with almost identical indicators. When you send them to the bedroom and change into pajamas, the girl will very quickly be in an “interesting position”. It lasts an hour 3, then a new little resident of refuge appears. But it happens that not one lady walks pregnant, and it’s time to give birth, and the baby doesn’t appear. If you have such a problem, then perhaps there is not enough space in the bunker for the entire population. New people will appear only if they have where to stay. When you see that similar problems arise, expand, build new rooms for housing (Living Quarters).

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