What is Shazam how to use the app

Modern IT technologies make it possible to do many tricks and greatly facilitate the life of users. Remember how many times there was such a situation with you that you heard a small segment of your favorite song, but you have no idea what it is called and who the performer is. We are sure that you have come into this situation dozens of times. And now, just a minute, imagine that such a miracle appeared – a program that is able to recognize a song after listening only a few minutes! If you dream of her, then it’s time to download the utility Shazam.

What is the essence of Shazam?

Suppose you heard a wonderful song, but you don’t know any information about it. It’s enough to get your smartphone / tablet, run the program and let it listen to the song. In a few minutes, you will become the happy owner of an impressive amount of information about the musical composition, namely:

  • Performer data (biography);
  • Lyrics;
  • Link to the Internet – a portal where you can listen / download a song;
  • Resource address where you can find a video;
  • Link to Youtube.

chto-takoe-shazam-kak-ispolzovat-prilozhenieIn addition, you can automatically share your find with friends using the most popular social networks. In order to start the program, just follow a small algorithm:

  • Launch the program;
  • Click “Spark” or “Find out music”;
  • Get as close as possible to the source of music;
  • Wait a few seconds;
  • Enjoy the song.

It is not difficult to guess that the program works exclusively with the Internet connection, because its main activity is aimed at finding the appropriate position.

There are situations that the connection was (for example, wi-fi), but then the signal abruptly broke off. You should not worry that you cannot find a song, because the program has a certain search base where the necessary tunes are “remembered. Once you connect to the network again, the search for the composition will automatically resume. Shazam is one of the best audio recording programs that can bring many positive points to users’ lives.

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