How to use Teleport changes hair color

In official stores, not so long ago, a new program appeared that allows you to edit photos. In this regard, a certain number of mobile device owners want to know how to use the Teleport application. This question arises from them, possibly due to the English-language interface of the program. Despite the absence of the Russian language, software can be used on an intuitive level or you can study all its possibilities by pressing all existing buttons in the utility. In other words, the trial and error method will allow you to master the software in a few minutes.

Change in hair color or virtual travel abroad

To understand how Teleport changes hair color, you need to perform the following operations:

  1. Download photo editor from the official store. Depending on the smartphone, a person has the ability to download software from the Play Market or App Store. You can find the program without difficulty among top applications.
  2. Run the utility.
  3. Select a photo from the gallery of the mobile device by clicking on the “Gallery” key. You can also take a new shot. To do this, the software has the corresponding button.
  4. Decide on the shade of the hairstyle. The program offers 20 options. A person is given the opportunity to dye his hair in poisonous green, red, blue, golden, purple and other colors. You can also use all the shades at the same time by selecting the “Put everything in a row” function.

 how to change the color of hair in teleportAfter the manipulations, a snapshot of a person will appear on the smartphone screen in front of the owner of the device, in which the hairstyle will have the selected hue. As you can see, the process takes a minimum of time and can be performed on an intuitive level. The photo editor also allows you to create collages of 2 formats: 3×3 or 2×2. To use this option, you need to press the corresponding button in the program. In addition, using software, the background is easily replaced or blurred with the available image. The utility even allows you to adjust the level of the haze. After activating this function, the user will see 41 background options that are already available in the software. He can choose some famous historical monument, beautiful landscape, famous building and so on. The owner of the device will also be able to download his own background from the device gallery.blur photo in teleportTo virtually travel around the world or change the hue of a hairstyle, a person needs to spend a couple of minutes, carrying out only a few tapas on the screen of his mobile device. From this article, the user learned the features of Teleport about how to use the program and where it can be downloaded.

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