How to use Shazam – instructions

Agree that the melody you like can catch you anywhere: at home, in a supermarket, in catering establishments, for work, in transport, etc. And no matter how we want to remember her and find her later, we will definitely forget the text of the song or artist. To minimize such situations, the world-famous corporation fruitfully worked to create an amazing indispensable program that will remember and look for the right song in any places and situations. Today Shazam program available for download for all smartphone, tablet and PC OS, and accordingly, no technical restrictions can interfere with you. Another plus is that a demo version was launched earlier, which successfully tested the program, helped to identify all the weaknesses, minimize the shortcomings and completely get rid of technical problems and failures. Modern versions of Shazam have the most complete, optimal set of functions that ensure decent and uninterrupted operation.

Shazam Use Instructions

In order for the utility to specifically work and satisfy all your musical needs, you must follow the instructions for using:

  • Launch the program;
  • Select the specific tab on which the software logo is displayed;
  • Bring the speaker of the phone (other device) to the source that emits the melody as close as possible;
  • A scale will appear on the phone screen that will display the readiness for recording (as the scale is filled, you can turn off the record);
  • Give the program a few minutes to think about it;
  • Enjoy the music.

Shazam is a very smart program with a wide range of memory. Firstly, she remembers all the songs and performers that you searched for earlier, and automatically writes to herself all the new products in their repertoire. Secondly, the utility has a hidden database where there are more than 10 million songs in all languages. You will not find such an assortment of music in the program options, because it is designed for quick recognition of tunes and search for them on the network.

By installing and using the program once, you will no longer be able to deny yourself further close cooperation.

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