How to make two faces in MSQRD

When you’re tired of just taking pictures, overlaying only color filters and the frame in the photo, download MSQRD on the phone! This application works on the two most popular platforms – iOS and Android, so millions of satisfied users are already having fun “guiding” themselves Mascarade. And for a reason, the utility was called that way, because at least once each of us wanted to visit the masquerade ball, which is so vividly depicted in films and books. The developers allowed us to try on a variety of masks in real time, and not only take pictures in them, but also shoot videos! Yuzers are worried about the question how to make two faces in MSQRD. An unusual function is really built into the application – face exchange.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is the same “grim” that is designed for two people. It was after the Jimmy Kimmel show, the analogue of the Evening Urgant program, when the host took advantage of the DiCaprio mask, the application made a boom in America and instantly rose to third place in the AppStore ratings. Mask Jimmy Kimmel Liv also works for one person.

Perhaps the developers will introduce even more masks on two faces, because the user-display function of Mascarad was taken more than positively. She became one of her favorite entertainment not only Russians, but also foreign bloggers who more than once posted comic content on their YouTube channels.kak-sdelat-dva-lica-v-msqrdMost likely, new “grimas” will now become available to several people at the same time, so having fun with friends will become much more fun and funnier. In addition, social media lovers can post photos and videos on Instagram or Facebook. It was Facebook in March 2016 that bought the application from developers from Belarus. The only thing that can confuse beginners to use MSQRD is hashtags. The application automatically creates them in photos and videos, but as statistics say, the avid fans of MSQRD do not complain!More developers promised additional functions, among which the creation of author’s masks is expected. Own work can be sold on the Internet.

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