How to take pictures and record videos with MSQRD?

Today, selfie is one of the most popular types of shooting. Over time, many wanted more diversity, since taking off your face just became commonplace and boring and is considered a bad tone. It was for this that a program called MSQRD. This application brought the concept of “selfie” to a new level and thanks to this, video selfies became available. ISCRD is so well thought out that you can apply masks and special effects at the time of shooting. This utility is an indispensable assistant at celebrations, on vacation, and in everyday life it will not become superfluous, because with the help of only one selfie you can charge with a boost charge for the whole day. This application has a huge number of advantages. The biggest is active technical support from the developer, that is, with enviable regularity, you can observe regular updates of special effects and all kinds of masks. It is also impossible to ignore the fact that video recording and photo images are of rather high quality. But along with the benefits there is one significant drawback: initially the utility was developed only for devices running iOS. To date, this problem has been fixed and the user can install the Masquerade on Android and WindowsPhone.

How to take pictures and record video using MSQRD?

The selfie creation procedure is pretty simple. The user needs to turn on his gadget, among all the applications available on the desktop, you need to find the icon of the Mascarad utility and run it. After that, the so-called work table of the program will be displayed on the smartphone screen, which consists of a window where selfies from the front or rear camera will be displayed, it occupies most of the working space. Under the screen is a special horizontal space where you can see the categories into which all the masks are divided, these are faces, animals, sports, emotions, films, characters, new and directly the masks themselves. For the convenience of choosing a particular mask, the icons already depict the special effects that are present in this package. As it has already become clear, everything is clear on an intuitive level in this application, so the user can only press the button to start the recording, where, by the way, it will be necessary to switch the slider to the mode you need, be it video or photo mode.


What are the additional features for recording ISCRD video?

After selfie is done, many users will probably want to share it with friends. It is for this that there is a function in this application, thanks to which photo and video material can be downloaded directly from the program on Instagram or Facebook, with this video recording or photograph will not lose as a single pixel, as it were when loading, through a third-party application. When creating a selfie, a person is not given any specific framework, therefore, he can do this while walking, spinning, screaming as he wants. Thanks to innovation in the field of digital technology, the application itself recognizes and overlays masks and special effects as needed.

It is worth noting that in this program the user can log in using the social network Facebook in order to, firstly, share photos, as mentioned above, as well as for, to invite your friends to the application.

The result of creating this utility is access to a completely new and unlike any level of entertainment in the field of technology. Add special colors to your usual photos, and also delight your friends and loved ones with funny pictures and videos.

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