When Shazam doesn’t recognize music and songs

Shazam Program – An incredible useful application that will help you quickly recognize unfamiliar sounding music and find all possible information about it. Of course, it will be very useful if the program is installed on your smartphone, and you can use it at any time, because you never know, where that same song will find you. Shazam went through a lot of checks and was in the beta testing phase, so the developers made every effort to eliminate the shortcomings, focus on positive aspects and improve functional features. Despite this, some users now complain that Shazam does not recognize the melody, but accordingly does not perform the search function.

Let us give answers to the question asked: “Why does Shazam not recognize the song. In fact, there are not so many reasons for the malfunction. Let’s list them:

  • The phone is too far from the sound source (if the phone is far from the speaker, then the volume decreases, noise and quality leaves much to be desired);
  • The presence of interference and noise (even if the volume is high, then extraneous noise can distort the song so much that the program simply cannot find an analogue in its database);
  • Your song is not in the program archive (Shazam has a media library where there are 11 million songs in various languages. The range of compositions is updated all the time, since the stars of the show business daily delight us with new hits. If your song is not in the database of the program, then the search will not be completed);


  • The program is a bit dependent (just restart the program or smartphone and enjoy the work again).

As you can see, the negative search result will depend only on the quality of the composition. Another advantage of the program is that it can work without the Internet. Ideally, you should record a song and the program automatically starts the search among its base.

If you have certain problems, then the recorded hit is temporarily sent to the “Record Base”, where it is stored until the Internet is turned on. After connecting to the network, the search is performed in automatic mode.

The application has become an indispensable assistant for 300,000 users around the world.

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