Persons in MSQRD

Among the huge number of modern applications for Android or IOS, it’s hard not to notice the new application from Belarusian programmers Masquerade (MSQRD). At the very beginning of this year, the application reached a download level of more than 16 million times with the AppStore. This superpopular application was created within 2 24 hours. Sergey Gonchar, Evgeny Zatepyakin and Evgeny Nevgen – its creators – after the release of MSQRD are recognized in the world as professional developers. Now they work at the London office Facebook. And the beginning of this application was the development forum in Silicon Valley. It was to this forum that Belarusians wrote a beta version of Mascarad within 48 hours. The future application was so liked by the jury that they took an oral promise from the developers to place it in public access. They kept their promise and, on the eve of Christmas 2015, download MSQRD for Android or IOS became possible in the AppStore. Whose faces use the MSQRD application in their interface, and what characters are there in it, now probably the child knows. At the moment, their number is growing with each update of the program. The most popular individuals today are: monkey, Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Snoopy Dog, Zombie, Leo di Caprio, Stalin, Harry Potter, tiger, Charlie Chaplin, Joker and old man. But this is sometimes not enough for users. They are increasingly asking the question: “How to swap 2 faces in one photo. The answer is simple – in the settings there is a new function “exchange of faces. It changes the faces of two users who are nearby.lica-v-msqrdFor ease of use, the application is also available in Russian. The application is free and available to all users of Android or IOS operating systems. It allows you to change the appearance not only of yourself, but also of your friends (and this is very funny). Masquerade is designed very soundly. Masks and characters are designed so efficiently that in the smallest details they repeat the whole facial expressions and any movements of the characters. They adjust to the movements and dimensions of user faces automatically. In total, with well-drawn graphics, this achieves a tremendous effect on the screen. Many users often want to add new faces to the program. This is only available at the next update. All updates to this program are issued only under the brand name from the manufacturer. Looking for other substitutes is undesirable, as their quality will simply upset you. Now even tired selfie pictures become original and unusual.

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