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Today, about 30 % of the population are happy users of smartphones and other devices operating on the Android platform. Of course, they all have at least one program or game that has been downloaded from the PlayMarket virtual application store. Many entertaining programs and entertainment games make the smartphone indispensable assistants, a friend and a colleague, and also help to cope with many tasks, and accordingly, perform dozens of different functions. More recently, the world has stirred up a new application, which was created to improve and diversify selfies. Unfortunately, the program “MSQRD“officially operates only on devices operating on iOS. Then a logical question appeared: “How to load MSQRD Me on Android? ”.I would like to note that now there is no single perfect version of “Mascarade” for Android, but this is not a reason to be upset, because in March 2016 a project with a beta version of the program was launched, temporarily in test mode. Developers argue that the creation of an official version for gadgets with green men has been abandoned, and in the near future users will be able to fully enjoy all the charms of the program.msqrd-dlya-androidThe Masquerade program will make it possible to do not just high-quality selfies, but photographs with many additions: animation, template images in the form of body parts, additional masks / helmets / helmets, fragments of vivid expressions of feelings and much more, which undoubtedly will appeal to you. It is also worth remembering that the program is provided free of charge and will be publicly available on GooglePlay or from the AppStore.

Despite the fact that the Android versions are launched only in test mode, there are already millions of fans around the world who are ready to go deep into all the subtleties of the application right now. Let’s take a closer look at downloading the program using the GooglePlay virtual store.

By and large, download the program ISCRD on the phone and other devices can be in two ways. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and find out which is more convenient and faster. So, if you have a computer or laptop at hand, then you will have the first way, by the way. Consider the action algorithm:

  •  Open your favorite browser and in the search bar, visit the Internet address of the portal.;
  • By activating (or having passed the account registration procedure), click on the search (in the form of a magnifying glass) and enter the name of the MSQRD program;


  • Read carefully the information provided in the application inventory (general rating, functional features, user reviews), and also note the agreement with all technical nuances;
  • Click on the “Install” icon;
  • Select a device to download;
  • As soon as the application is loaded, you will receive an SMS – a notification, after which you must click on the “OK” button.


It is worth remembering that downloading a program is only available if your PC catches a stable signal and the Internet does not interrupt. Otherwise, loading the utility may take more than 5 minutes or not download the first time.

Plus, as soon as your menu displays the coveted label, you can immerse yourself in a world of pleasure, fun and laughter. As in any case, there are a few simple rules, which will help you avoid many difficult situations and unpleasant moments:

  • First, pay attention to the technical features of the program. Given that ISCRD was developed at the end of 2015, its main activity is aimed at new generation smartphones (the Android version is larger than 4.3). All technical requirements are described in the online store, so even before downloading, the user can verify the downloadability. If you started downloading, but digital features cannot allow you to do this, then the installation will be interrupted, and an unknown error will be displayed on the screen.
  • Secondly, deal with the features of PlayMarket itself. In order to create an active account, you must first purchase an email with a Gmail house. The next step is to tie the mail to the smartphone and only then you can try to download MSQRD Me Android.

The most difficult task is to create the Post, because there are many subtleties. In order to create an electronic mailbox, you must:

  • Find the page with the partial address on the Internet.;
  • Click the “Registration” button;
  • An information window is displayed in front of you. Where you need to fill in all the fields indicated by the red asterisk;
  • Press the mouse on the “Next” button.

Despite the fact that in the early stages the registration seems to be comicately easy, many users have a lot of unintelligible questions and problems. If everything went right for you, then the version of ISCRD is available to you in free mode.msqrd-dlya-androidThe second option of downloading ISCRD does not imply the presence of other devices, because the main bias is made specifically on a smartphone. Suppose you already have the above electronic box, which you sometimes use. Wandering around the back streets of the post office, you will undoubtedly run into GooglePlay. – A virtual application store. In order to quickly download MSQRD, you must consider the following recommendations:

  • Go to Menu – Settings – Accounts and Sync;
  • Click on “Add Account” to add new mail;
  • Select Google;
  • Click “Next” and in the upper corner of the screen there is a button with the word “Enter”;
  • Enter your own privacy data: password and login;
  • After you log in, check all the item so that the data synchronization procedure on the smartphone occurs.

As you can see, you are offered several options that will help you quickly and efficiently download the program. The main nuances lie in two points: the technical and organizational compliance of the smartphone with the specified requirements of the program.

Download MSQRD ME for Android

Downloading MSQRD application for Android, you can not worry that your evenings will be dim and boring, because this program will simply not let you get bored.

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