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Today, 30 % populations boast of being the lucky owners of phones from the world-famous Samsung company. Despite the fact that smartphones of this brand are very popular, far from all programs can operate on the basis of Android. The main reason is that devices from Apple are gaining viral popularity today. The iOS operating system is considered stronger and more advanced, so most of the applications are developed on this platform. But in March 2016, it became possible to download a modern application “Mascarade” on Android.Download MSQRD to Samsung it is possible with the help of other programs that function as emulators. If we consider the features of the ISCRD, then several nuances should be highlighted:

  • The ability to do high-quality selfies;
  • It is possible to apply many patterns and masks on your face, animation material;
  • You can shoot short videos using animation;
  • You can try on not only masks and patterns, but also the face of the person who stands next to you and enters the camera lens;
  • It is possible to apply some additional details on the face and hair;
  • It is possible to exchange photos and videos with friends and acquaintances through the most common social networks.

Developers argue that in the near future the world will see the official version for Android. Now it is not possible to download the program on official sources, so pay attention to the way the utility is downloaded.

How to download MSQRD for Samsung

  • Go to the virtual application store called GooglePlay;
  • Click on the search bar, magnifying glass icon, and enter the name of the program – Masquerade;
  • Select the “Free” category;
  • Click on the program;
  • Click “Install;
  • Accept all conditions that are presented for download;
  • After downloading the program, a notification will come, after which you can open and use the program.

Of course, in order to download ISCRD, you need to have an active Google account. By and large, registration with Google takes only a few minutes and you can go through it from any device that supports the Internet.

How for Samsung with the Bada platform download MSQRD

Samsung is moving forward in every way, so they created their own OS, called Bada. If you have become the lucky owner of a device on such a platform, then to download the ISCRD program, you must follow a number of actions:

  • Download the program file with the name .jar;
  • Transfer the program to a computer downloaded to another gadget using a USB cord;
  • Reload the phone and boldly run the program.
  • Installing programs will take only a few minutes if all technical requirements are met. The main requirements of the utility include such technical features:
  • Android version more than 4.3;
  • the presence of RAM in an amount greater than 512MB;
  • the presence of a frontal camera taking high-quality pictures.

By and large, you can download the program to many phones, but the main point is how high-quality photos and videos will be.

The Masquerade program will help you diversify the usual selfies, which have recently become the most popular photo view. There are millions of accounts on social networks where all the photos are taken as selfies. Mascarad will help bring diversity, fun and special sophistication to ordinary photographs.

Share photos with your friends and colleagues, giving them positive emotions and a lot of funny moments. The plus of the program is also that the utility is absolutely free and periodically passes the update stage, which add more and more new patterns and animations. High-quality technical support can quickly and efficiently eliminate all problems.

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