MSQRD for Windows Phone

For a relatively long time, the worldwide network blew up an application called MSQRD. Every day it is gaining more and more popularity and daily sets a huge number of people on its gadgets. After all, using this utility, the user can create video and photo selfies that will cheer up for the whole day. But this application has one drawback – it is available only for devices operating on the basis of iOS and Android. This situation is not surprising, because it is these two platforms that produce the largest number of popular devices. Despite this, Windows Phone is also a popular platform today – developers have already announced the release of the version for working with the above devices. So, there is a need to download MSQRD for Windows Phone.ISCRD allows the user to change the image, whether it is a video or a photo, beyond recognition. Thanks to the excellent elaboration of all the graphic effects – it is possible to apply masks directly in the video. 33 masks are presented to the attention, among which you can find: Stalin, DiCaprio, Iron Man, Tiger, Zombies, raccoon, astronaut and so on, as well as swap face with a person, which is also under the gun of the camera. If desired, a person will be able to share the footage without any special effort, because the application already has a function in place, thanks to which you can directly upload photos and videos to social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte.

Despite the fact that support for Windows Fon has not yet been released, users are already worried about the process of installing the application on their smartphone.


So, “Where to download and how to install ISCRD on WindowsPhone”?

After the version appears for this operating system, Mascarad can be found in the Microsoft Store. Clearly following the algorithm below, the user will be able to install and start working with the program, thereby being able to create selfies in a humorous form. Installing the program will not take you much time if you listen to the provided algorithm. The algorithm is as follows:

  • On the smartphone desktop you need to find the icon that denotes the online application store.
  • Next, the system will issue an authorization request. To do this, use your Microsoft account (enter login and password), if none is available, then you can create it by pressing the “Registration” button.
  • To speed up the search for ISCRD, you can use the search bar by entering the name of the program you are looking for – in our case, we are talking about “ISKRD”. If desired, the user can familiarize themselves with additional information, namely: size, description from the developer, feedback from already downloaded users, view the rating of the application and so on.
  • By pressing the “Install” button, the user can wait a few minutes (depending on the speed of the Internet connection) and the application will be installed, and accordingly, ready to use.

By the way, the application will be installed absolutely free and in the foreseeable future it will be unchanged, it remains to wait for the release of the version for this platform.

After downloading and installing the application on a smartphone, the user will be able to use both the front camera and the main one. Despite the status of the application “gaining a place in the hearts of the audience”, they created to continue active support of the application, as from the technological side (with the output of each new version, the speed and clarity of the picture when applied significantly increases), and with visual (in recent years, a large number of original masks have been released that will not leave anyone indifferent).

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