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More recently, a new application called MSQRD or Mascarad. It was created in Belarus by two guys. With the help of this utility, a lot of original photos and videos are created in the world today – selfies. The masquerade gained popularity thanks to the first, innovations in the field of digital images, and secondly to its humorous form of entertainment, which will not leave anyone indifferent and cheer up.

MSQRD is an integral part of a person on vacation, during a working break and so on.

In connection with this growing popularity, many users have the question: “How MSQRD download to your gadget. There are pitfalls in this matter, the fact is that ISCRD is available only for devices that are controlled by iOS, but also to owners of Android and WindowsMobile devices should not despair, since the developer has already announced the release of the application in the near future on the listed devices. Based on the above, we will talk about installing the plugin on “apple” devices. It should be noted, that there are two ways MSQRD Download on iPhone or iPad. Further details about each of them:

First way: MSQRD Download directly to your smartphone.

  • The user will need a smartphone or tablet and Internet connection.
  • By turning on your device, connect to the global network and go to the AppStore section.
  • Next, in the search bar, enter the name of the desired application and select the required one and press the “free” button which, by the way, informs you that this utility is installed free of charge, after “free” changes to “install.
  • By clicking on it, you confirm the installation of the application on your device, then a window pops up in which you want to confirm the purchase by entering the username and password, if you do not have the created AppleID, it should be created by pressing the “Create” button, otherwise downloading any software will not be available.
  • After all the actions done, the MSQRD icon will appear on the screen of your device and this means that the application is ready for use. This method is the fastest and easiest that a person who does not have experience to use will cope with.


Second way: Free MSQRD installation using a computer.

  • For this option, you will need a computer connected to the Internet, iTunes (if none, then it can be downloaded on the official Apple website) and USB cord.
  • By connecting your iPhone or iPad to the desktop, iTunes will start automatically and file backups will begin.
  • After that, go to the iTunes Store section and look for MSQRD in the search bar by clicking the “Download” button and entering the data of your account you confirm the start of downloading the utility.
  • After downloading, the application appears in the program section, where you should click the “Cynchronize” and “Apply” button.
  • After which the installation directly on the Ios device will begin, it may take several minutes. The installed application will appear on the phone’s desktop.

This method is a little longer and a little more difficult to bring to life than the first, but, as experienced users note, it is the safest and can extend the life of your “apple” device.

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