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Utility Mascarad allows you to take memorable photographs that are distinguished by special nuances: funny faces, faces of animals, faces of celebrities and great historical figures. A special plus is also that everyone has a unique opportunity to create amazing animation materials using various inserts, masks and deformations. The advantage of the program is also that, that a simple interface will not mislead users, which means that every user can deal with the application: both experienced and one, who joined the program only now. The utility makes it possible to recognize faces in a matter of seconds and imposes animation on those areas of the face that are needed. The only requirement that is essential for the functioning of this program is a front camera with good image quality. Let’s consider the basic rules for the functioning of the fascinating Masquerade program:
  • The user can take photos and shoot video materials using a variety of entertaining materials and an addition. Within a few seconds, you can try on 33 masks and dozens of animations. Another pleasant nuance is that users can exchange faces: if there are two people in the frame, then in a matter of seconds they can change faces. Users argue that it is this option that makes the application individual features and makes it so popular.
  • On the main menu, find a shortcut with the corresponding name of the program;
  • Automatically opens a panel with a front camera on;
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a strip with modes and animation (20 saved modes);
  • There are several options for masks that require your additional “Open Your Mouth” efforts (this requirements are described in detail on the screen);
  • At the bottom of the screen (under the list of masks) there are several modes “Photo”, “Video” and “Life” that send pictures to social networks: Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.
  • You can save all the pictures both in the general gallery and in the “selected.

In addition, with Internet connections, you can download new masks and images from the World Wide Web.

msqrd-kak-polzovatsyaLet us examine in more detail all the advantages of this utility, which is daily introduced into the hearts of millions:

  • A wide range of all kinds of template images and animations that help create many funny photos;
  • The program adequately responds to human movement, so the photos will be clear and high-quality, even if the user was actively moving at the time of taking the pictures;
  • The program is publicly available for all users whose smartphones and devices operate on the basis of IOS and Android;
  • Downloading and installing the program is absolutely free;
  • The program occupies very little space on the map of the built-in memory and the phone does not begin to “brake” after downloading;
  • The program has a very fast action time: you can apply masks at the time of the picture;
  • High-quality technical support from the creator of the utility;
  • Periodic updating of the program and addition with new templates.

Hurry to become an active user of this program and share dozens of funny photos with your friends. In addition, even additional marathons are created today, during which, each user must upload special funny photos and videos to the network using the latest template images.Download the MSQRD application to iOS and get only high-quality technical and digital services from leading IT geniuses. It is also funny that the program was created in just 48 hours, but the quality of the program was not affected. Rather, on the contrary, the application was created and thrown into the network in a short period of time, so users did not even have time to fuel interest in the program.

Such a fun program, with the ability to take photos and videos, has gained popularity around the world.

In addition, each user has the ability to install ISCRD on the tablet or a personal computer, because it’s enough just to download the program – an emulator that allows you to create an unlicensed platform under the Android OS.

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