MSQRD camera – which camera is needed for the application

Today, except for a child, is not familiar with such a phenomenon as “selfie. It is for lovers to capture themselves, programmers come up with all kinds of software to create a photo, in this segment it is very popular MSQRD camera. Based on this, more and more people are interested in what this is for MSQRD?! Since the program is new, there is still little information on the network, as well as reviews. MSQRD was invented and implemented by domestic IT specialists. They managed to develop a special application that is not similar to other programs, the main “chip” is that with the help of Mascarad it allows you to create high-quality video selfies – combining the face with the mask, all kinds of characters and heroes. For example, it can be the faces of animals, the characteristic features of the image of popular acting characters. To all this, add the ability to make up your face by adding different image attributes – a mustache, a beard, Brezhnev’s eyebrows. The program will provide an opportunity to modify the eyes, the eyes of a person, create the illusion of joy or sadness on the face, finish bristles, beard, elven ears and much more. Such creativity will cheer any person.

Masquerade makes it possible to mount a funny video sequence.

In addition, a person is not required to arrive in a static position. In what position is the head or what emotion is captured, from these factors and will weigh the selection of the nested mask. To implement such an operation, it is enough only to combine the image of the user’s head and the special circuit drawn on the ISCRD work display. Automatically, the program on the go will paint all its movements, overlaying the selected mask over. It is worth noting that people who have already downloaded masquerade to their devices have been convinced of the stability of the program.


MSQRD camera is not for budget smartphones.

To date, ISCRD may delight owners of devices on iOS. “Apple” gadgets have an undeniable plus – a high-quality camera. Moreover, excellent not only backstage cameras, but also frontal. In this regard, users have no problems with the quality of the photos and videos taken.

Download MSQRD for Android, in the near future it will become real, in March, Mascarad’s exit for this platform is planned. Therefore, people will need to more carefully study the issue of choosing a device.

If the user expects that as a result of giving him the opportunity to download MSQRD to Android and that he would have high-quality photographs and videos at the exit, then you should think about buying a device with a high-quality camera. After all, it is not a secret that the quality of the shot photograph and video directly depends on the permission of the camera.

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