Failed to save video to MSQRD. What to do?

Not so long ago, a new application was released on the app store, which began to gain popularity primarily among bloggers. Application for replacing faces on video. Slowly but surely, it began to be used by iOS users who installed MSQRD to phone. Immediately there were many questions about working with him. After all, not always everything goes smoothly. For example, what should the user do if in the application MSQRD failed to save the video?


In order to understand what is the reason for the problem, it is necessary to consider some cases due to which a similar failure may occur:

  • The application was installed with an error. If you first downloaded the application and some of its functions do not work.
  • The memory on the phone has ended. The operating system will send a notification about this.
  • Viruses. The symptom can be braking the device and quick discharge of the battery.


Elimination of reasons

If everything is clear with the first and second:

  • In case of improper installation, you just need to reinstall the application by first deleting it.
  • In case of memory shortages, it is worth moving the files to another media (memory card, PC), and delete them from your smartphone.

In the third case, there are two ways:

  • Anti-virus program. If the device is not like that, then it can always be downloaded. The appstore has many applications that are aimed at combating malware. Using them is very simple, going into the application, simply select the item, scan the system for threats, and when viruses are in place, the antivirus will immediately offer to remove or isolate them.
  • Re-installation of the operating system. If nothing helps, use radical measures.  But first, you should save all the necessary data in the backup (just select this option in the settings).

Attention: before you proceed with the actions indicated below, you must connect the smartphone to the Internet!

Re-installation of the operating system

  • In the “settings” section, you can find an item called “main”
  • Next, click on the “discharge” item and “erase content and settings”
  • Next, you must agree to “discharge” by pressing the “yes” key
  • We activate the smartphone. We choose “set as new”
  • Press the “restore” key so that backups are installed on the iPhone.

The procedure done will ensure not only the removal of viruses, but also accelerate the operation of the smartphone. With the right actions, all applications including MSQRD will work without failures.

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