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It would seem that instantly finding the song you like, giving the phone to listen to a small segment – is simply unrealistic, but fantastically beautiful. Today, this dream of millions has been translated into reality, and you can find it by downloading the Shazam entertaining program to your phone.

Just imagine that now it’s enough just to install the program on the phone, run it when you hear the desired song, give the phone “listen” to audio recording within 15 seconds and you can enjoy the full list of information about the composition.

It’s hard to believe, but Shazam appeared for computers back in 1999, and for phones recently. The thing is that the developers created many versions that simply did not pass the test by users. Now the world has seen a new, perfect utility that has virtually no flaws and offers a wide range of functions and options.

programma-shazam-skachat-prilozhenie-besplatnoIf you have time to download the program and actively use it, then we wish you to continue to enjoy the functional features of the IT masterpiece. If you only want to know the beauty of the audio program, then pay attention to the small instructions for downloading Shazam. To download, you must:

  • Go to the official Internet portal;
  • Select here a version that fits the technical features of your device (depending on the OS);
  • Click on the “keyDownload;
  • Give time for download (time will be completely dependent on the speed of the Internet, but the program will not pull much space on the memory card / disc);
  • Run the program and go through the authorization procedure.

After that, you can safely use the program and get all the necessary information.Many ask why you can’t find songs using search engines, just remembering a few phrases. Key Arguments for Defense Shazam, two: time and quality. So, the primary aspects of the application are that:

  • There is a huge musical base where more than 10 million songs of all time are stored;
  • Colossal time savings – to get complete information (performer, song, text, genre, clip, link to Youtube, the ability to share on social networks, link to download from an application store, etc.), you just have to spend all 1 – 2 minutes of your precious time;
  • Only those compositions that are available in excellent quality are displayed.

Another nice addition – the program is free!

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