Shazam – what is this program and how does it work

Sometimes, we really want and wait for some kind of program and think that our thoughts should be attributed to the section of fiction, and that program is already very active and quickly conquering the hearts of millions of users. This is the situation that happened with the new Shazam utility, which has already managed to win the love of millions of users around the world.

So what is Shazam?

Shazam – A modern application aimed at recognizing audio recordings, collecting information and displaying the full catalog of compositions corresponding to the artist. The essence of the application is that the user can activate the program anywhere, at the moment of sounding a certain coveted melody.

To recognize the music hit, it’s as close as possible (as far as possible) to bring the smartphone closer to the audio recording source, hold the phone at the same level for 15 seconds and give the phone a few minutes to process the data.Moreover, do not worry that extraneous noise can distort the song beyond recognition, because the utility has filtering effects that maximally cleanse the print quality. Shazam can recognize more than 10 million songs, available in the media library. In addition, the range of audio-bearing is updated daily, because bright lights of the stage and show business are often pleased with new hits and tracks.

Shazam is a multifunctional system that knows how to recognize absolutely the entire repertoire, regardless of the year of release of the record and the language of execution.

What is the popularity of the program?

If we want to figure out why Shazam is actively gaining distribution among users, then it is enough to delve into the functional features that undoubtedly cause interest and respect.


So, the positive aspects of the utility include:

  • a huge assortment of compositions available in the archive;
  • the most complete information provided as a result of the search (the text of the song, the biography of the performer, the web address to the portal where you can watch video / clips or buy the official version of the song);
  • in order for you to verify the correct search, it is proposed to listen to a 30-second segment from the song;
  • downloading, installing and using the program is absolutely free.

Undoubtedly, a number of positive aspects will open for you, which you will notice during the use of the program.

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