Shazam for Android

Utility Shazam – This is a great opportunity to replenish your music repertoire with new hits that you just heard on the street, on the radio or in advertising. Agree, we often encounter such a situation that we hear a good song, but we do not have any information as to who its author, performer, and name is, we don’t know the hit. It is for such cases that the Shazam program has been developed, which in a matter of seconds will help restore gaps in musical knowledge, and we will advise many links, where you can enjoy video clips and rollers.


Today there is such a tendency that most applications are developed exclusively for iOS, and analogues for Android are relegated. This position of world-famous developers is unfair to users of devices operating with a green robot.shazam-dlya-androidOne of Shazam’s strengths is that developers took the lion’s share of time to equivalent versions of the program for Windows, Android and iOS. Therefore, regardless of which operating system you use, you will receive an excellent set of original options and functional content, done at the highest level. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of Shazam’s functioning on Android. So, in order to enjoy the full use, you must correctly use these benefits. Take into account a small algorithm of actions that will help you figure it out and put all the points over the “I”.

Download Shazam for Android

So, step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Download the program from the official Internet portal for free, where only official, licensed versions are posted;
  • Click on the installation file and wait a few minutes (the program has artificial intelligence, so do not try to fix any characteristics or indicators);
  • When there is the very moment that you hear the desired song – turn on the program, click “Record” and bring your device as close as possible to the sound source;
  • Try to freeze in a stationary position for 15 seconds (the corresponding scale will be displayed on the screen, and when all the indicators are filled, you can safely turn off the record);
  • Give the program a few minutes to think and get a full range of information;
  • You will be presented with a small section of the track so that you can give a positive answer regarding the quality of the search.

Download Shazam to Android is much more convenient than using the program on a PC, if only for the reason that you don’t carry your laptop with you everywhere, and the phone is almost always nearby.shazam-dlya-androidIn addition, Shazam has a rather attractive interface that has to communicate, brings a lot of positive emotions and significantly updates your playlist. The interesting fact is that the developers periodically review the charts and programs for downloading tracks, and make adjustments in the near future, and to the Media Library, making it modern and relevant. On the other hand, do not forget also that the creators do not sit idly by, and each 1 – 2 month, updates the available versions, which means that there are even more useful functions and opportunities to enjoy music.

Despite the fact that most parameters and indicators have an exceptionally positive effect, there is also one fragment without which the program will not function – the Internet.

If you have an Internet connection, then there is no reason to worry about possible failures or incorrect searches. If at the moment you have certain connection problems, and you really want to record a song, then you need to click on the “Record”. The right section of the melody will be recorded, but the search will begin to be performed automatically only when the Internet recovers again. We hope that such a minor nuance will not force you to abandon such a wonderful program, functioning free of charge.

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