Shazam for iPhone

Many users already know very well what Shazam is and how this program works. Thanks to the utility, you can find the desired track within a few minutes, write it to the data archive, buy it in a virtual application store or download it in a different convenient way.

The utility will give you the answer to the main question: “The name of the song and the performer”, in addition, provides links for the safe download of the melody and viewing clips. In order for the program to start functioning, a number of simple actions are needed:

  • Turn on the utility or go to the official website (if previously not installed on the device);
  • Launch it by opening the functional window;
  • Bring the speaker of the device as close to the sound source as possible;
  • Choose the optimal volume so as not to spoil the quality of the melody, but also reduce external noise flows;
  • Click on the button “Shazam“and wait a bit.

If the Internet connection is stable, then in a few minutes you will become the lucky owner of a package of information about the sound track.

In turn, there is a small nuance that coolly confuses many users: the search result is displayed in a new window. The fact is that many users expect an instant display of the search results in the working window, and not finding it, they are angry. We assure you – all this is in vain, because pay attention to the automatically opened window and see there an expanded list of search options:

  • Link to the clip on Youtube;
  • The ability to share a find with friends on social networks;
  • Providing information about the performer and displaying the schedule of his tours this year;
  • Display of previously found compositions and determination of their geolocation;
  • A link to iTunesStore to purchase a licensed version of the composition.

The Shazam utility is so smart that it has the function of synchronizing data with social networks. Moreover, if you have a desire to update your playlist, but you are lost in choosing music, you can go to the “Top” section and listen to the most requested lists.

By the way, using the “Settings” function, you can change some features of the interface, background and enable / disable additional functions, the more you optimize the process of searching for songs. By the way, the song base is updated almost every week, because the stars of the stage constantly delight us with new hits.

Shazam on iPhone

ShazamEntertainment Ltd Corporation originally created its program for owners of the most popular and popular OS – iOS. Accordingly, developers do not forget to release updated versions that further delight users. In the updated version of Shazam for IOS, you will see many entertaining moments and additional functions that will further simplify the use, but they will make the program absolutely indispensable. So now you can:

  • Recognize even the melody that plays in the background and, accordingly, has a mass of additional noise;
  • Updates and information regarding the release of new albums, clips of those artists whose songs you previously searched are sent;
  • The image of the “Top Charts” with the latest hits that blew up the whole world;
  • Ability to book and purchase tickets for concerts;
  • All compositions are automatically downloaded and stored in the AppleMusic virtual repository (the only nuance: firmware of the device should be in the version from iOS 9.3).

Download Shazam to Iphone for free

By the way, now you can download Shazam not only on the tablet, smartphone, but also AppleWatch.

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