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Music is an indispensable attribute in the life of every person. Most people do not imagine their life without their favorite tracks that sound around the clock in headphones or are reproduced using the speakers of acoustic systems. We listen to music everywhere: in transport, shop, home, at work. Melodies will allow us to enrich the inner world, enjoy emotions and flutter in euphoria. No matter how much you love your playlist, sometimes there is a desire to listen to something new, fresh or those unknown compositions, which you just heard, for example, in advertising, but you have no idea who the performer is or what this musical creation is called. If such a situation arises, then do not be too lazy and download the Shazam program on a PC in order to further, very quickly identify the song and find out all the necessary information. To the great surprise, such an entertaining utility was developed and launched on the market back in 1999, but not everyone knew about its existence.


Shazam for a computer is a proven program that has gone through many turns of evolution and stages of development, beta – versions and test modes. Due to this, few can complain about the vagueness of the program, failures and lags, or incorrect functioning.

shazam-torrent-versiyaIf you have aroused interest in the program, then go to the official Internet portal and select the version of the program that fits the technical features of your computer. The main attention should be paid to the installed version of Windows, because it is on the conformity of these parameters that the uninterrupted operation of the utility depends.  You can find all the installation files on the official Internet portal or download on the Windows Store. So, suppose you have already downloaded the program for yourself, now we will determine the installation and launch mechanism. Attention should be paid to the short instruction:

  • Go to the “Loading” located on disk C;
  • Find a file with the corresponding program name;
  • Right-click to start;
  • The application is quite smart, so it will independently choose all the correct requirements and rules for further uninterrupted operation;
  • Wait a few minutes and feel free to use the program.

If you do not want to install the program on a PC, you can use the equal official version, which is available online. Let’s look at several items, which Shazam will give us online for the computer after installation: A funny and friendly interface that has only a positive way; A huge assortment of options and high-quality functional features; The program works very quickly, eats extremely little traffic and is available absolutely free;

Absolutely everyone can delve into the proper use of the program, regardless of the skills of owning a PC or smartphone.

shazam-dlya-kompyuteraWe discussed the external advantages of the application, but it’s time to delve into its essence. So, Shazam was created in order to identify the composition at the moment of sound. The utility works according to a very simple algorithm: turn on the program, bring it to the sound source, let it “listen” to the song (15 seconds enough), provide a little time to “think”, and that’s all – there is a result. As a result, you will see a full range of information about the artist and song.

In order for you not to spend your precious time, you will be offered a small segment of a possible song, so that you confirm whether the program is functioning in the correct direction.

Sometimes, for the program to work even more completely, it is proposed to download an additional program – an emulator that acts as a direct guide to the world of high-quality IT services. On the other hand, the Bluestacks utility will need to be downloaded if your operating system / platform does not meet the technical requirements of the developers. If you have not found your OS in the variation of official versions, then do not despair, because you have a secret magic wand. To start Shazam using Bluestacks, you need to download the emulator, and use a few clicks to download the music recognition. Since these two programs are extremely simple, any user will be able to cope with it intuitively, without additional instructions and algorithms.

Download Shazam for computer

Now we will understand a number of additional options that you get along with displaying the name of the song. So, additional options include:

  • display of song text;
  • biography of the performer (group) and all detailed information regarding his work;
  • similar repertoire of the performer;
  • links to famous music channels, where the video of the song you like often revolves;
  • YouTube links;
  • web address of the app store where you can buy a song in good quality;
  • the opportunity to share news about a useful find with friends via social networks.

Another striking advantage is that in the archive base Shazam more than 10 million songs of all time and peoples are stored online, so the likelihood that the program will find the right hit is extremely high. Another undeniable advantage is that all musical assortments are periodically updated and supplemented, because the show – the business does not stand still and gives us many different musical compositions and artists daily. Do not miss the opportunity to download Shazam to a PC or smartphone absolutely for free and enjoy your favorite music, which will always be at hand.

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