Shazam для Windows Phone

Thanks to the free program Shazam, there is the ability to quickly identify recorded sounds that can be transmitted from various sources. For example, it can be a TV, a radio station, a cinema, a club, but only if there is not enough background noise.

Features of the Shazam program

Shazam stores a catalog of audio recordings that are identified through a special program, with the ability to transfer direct links to certain types of track compositions to the YouTube channel, if any. To carry out the necessary manipulations, it will be enough just to present the smartphone to the dynamics and after 15 seconds, you will be able to find out the name of the composition and the name of the performer. There are times when you remember a song, but you can’t remember its name or artist. In this case, this program will be very opportune. Before downloading Shazam for Windows Fon, you should study the settings and functionality of the program.

The most important features of Shazam:

  • there is the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the most popular tags in your area;
  • purchase popular tracks in Zune Marketplace;
  • view various musical video clips broadcast on YouTube channels;
  • there is the opportunity to share certain tags on Windows Live, on social networks;
  • new music with a diagram – ter Sharam can be opened;
  • the annotation and biography of the musician may be lost;
  • it is possible to fix the Sharam Live tiles on the monitor – “Start”.

It is also possible to add the program to bookmarks on any social networks and on your resource. Thus, you will have quick access to the downloaded program.

Program Installation Instructions

In order to download Shazam to Windows Phone, you should take the following steps:

  • authorize Windows Live;
  • open the application from Microsoft;
  • enter the name of the program;
  • then you need to go to the desired link with activation of the function to install the program.

Download Shazam for Windows Phone

It should be noted that in older versions of devices this application will not work. The process of using Shazam is quite simple. To do this, activate the button located at the bottom of the screen (“chazamite”) and then bring the device to the music source and for a short time, you will have the opportunity to determine your favorite composition and its author.

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