Shazam on the phone

It is very interesting to use that amazing application, the analogues of which practically do not exist. If you want to always be aware of IT trends, fashion, then right now, download the Shazam program to your smartphone.


It would seem that the program is completely new, but in fact, its first version was released back in 1999. True, versions were available only for PCs, and Shazam for the phone became a pleasant addition that invaded open access recently.

The essence Shazam that this amazing application can recognize sounding tunes in just a few minutes. To understand how the program works, let’s figure out the nuances of the mechanism. chto-takoe-chity-v-pokemon-goYou activate the program when you hear the song you like. In order for the sound quality to be as good as possible, you must bring the smartphone to the sound source as close as possible. After that, try to stand motionless for 15 seconds so that the utility can record the composition. After that, a search will be performed on the existing composition file cabinet (11 million songs performed in different languages are counted), and if you get a positive response to the request, then within 30 seconds, you will be provided with the most complete information about the performer of the hit and about the song itself. There are cases when the search for the song is not performed, but the main reasons for the negative answer are that:

  • The quality of the composition is too poor, because there are various noise, interference;
  • The songs are simply not in the media library (although the archive of songs is updated almost every day, because the stars of the show – businesses delight listeners with new songs very often);
  • There is no Internet connection.

If everything went well, and the search result was displayed to you, then detailed information about:

  • The text of the song;
  • Biographies of the performer;
  • Links to YouTube, music channels, Internet – radio, where this musical composition is constantly spinning;
  • An online store where you can buy a licensed version of the song in excellent quality.

One of the primary characteristics of the Shazam utility is that the program can be downloaded to any device, regardless of the operating system. On the other hand, on the ancient black and white versions of phones, you will not be able to install programs, since there will be a lack of compliance with technical standards.

Downloading, installing and further using the program is absolutely free and available online.

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