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Often we are faced with this situation: I really liked the song, for example, in advertising, but there is no information about it! And now we go and hum the motives of this song all day, but it’s not possible to ask the Internet only by the few words that we remembered. Unfortunately, such situations happen all the time, so the developers of the world-famous IT corporation decided to please users of the Shazam entertainment program, which has a number of magical functions.Russian site shazamShazam in a few seconds can determine and recognize what kind of tune is playing on external players now and give you a full range of useful information. Today, the program is available both online and is available for download. Often, utilities are written for a specific type of device that operates on a specific operating system. The developers went much further and made a pleasant gift for users of Android, IOS, Windows Phone, creating equivalent versions for them, not different in functional content and quality. Downloading Shazam to a PC is not a particularly difficult task, because the program is quite simple and compact, which means it does not require supernatural requirements from your computer. In addition, absolutely everyone can cope with the utility, since at the time of installation you will be offered a number of recommendations that will help you accurately download the application. Another plus is that the program has artificial intelligence, which means that it itself will automatically select indicators and requirements for correct operation, taking into account the capabilities of your device.

Let us evaluate in more detail the advantages of the functioning of the program online.

A huge plus is that if you have an Internet connection, you have almost 100 % a guarantee that the search will bring a positive result, and you will enjoy the musical composition even if, if the quality of the record was far from perfect.

Minus is on the back – without the Internet you can’t do anything at all, since the search tab just does not boot.

As for the song base, Shazam has more than 11 million songs of various genres and motifs in its archive. Even if you want to find an old or foreign composition, then be sure that it will definitely be there. In addition, the developers are well aware that the modern conveyor of stars produces a huge number of all kinds of songs, which means that requests for these positions will come across. Based on this, the media library is periodically updated and replenished with new compositions. Today, some well-off users can afford APPLE WATCH and ANDROID WEAR. These entertainers can also support the program, despite being classified as gadgets. On these devices, Shazam can only work online (the choice of version is made depending on the OS), because there are still no full versions developed taking into account the specifics of the devices.

Shazam Benefits

Since we have already figured out the technical nuances and decided that Shazam functions perfectly on all kinds of operating systems, does not require downloading additional programs – emulators or endless complex settings, then it’s time to go on to discuss the functionality and range of options. By launching the program, a wide range of information will appear in front of you, where you can find and find out:

  • name and text of the song;
  • biography of the performer, group;
  • view video clips and clips located on YouTube channel;
  • Go to the virtual application store, where the licensed version of the track for download is available;
  • share with friends, with the help of social networks, your musical discovery;
  • view the repertoire of the selected artist and find something good for yourself there;
  • wander around the mazes of the Media Library, where almost 11 million different songs are stored.

As we see, a fairly light program that takes up a minimum of space on a local disk / memory card is able to give the ocean useful information and advise you pleasant updates in the classification of musical preferences. If we understand the essence of technical aspects, then positive aspects are observed both in organizational and in qualitative characteristics. So, we attribute to positive points:

  • the ability to download the program for free;
  • there is no need to register an account and enter a mass of data;
  • available in several languages, including Russian;
  • constant updates of both the version and the archive;
  • bright, friendly interface, setting up in a pleasant way;
  • the utility is able to filter the record by removing external noise and interference;
  • after searching, it is proposed to listen to a small excerpt of the song as a search result in order to make sure the program thinks correctly.

Moreover, the above list is not complete, because each user chooses for himself the most valuable moments, for which, appreciates and loves the Shazam program.

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