MSQRD system requirements

Two young Belarusian developers were able to blow up the world of IT – technology using a new utility MSQRD. The essence of the program is that with the help of several straightforward functions, you can apply many masks and patterns to your selfie. MSQRD was created on the phone in just two days, but the quality of the program and the functional features are at the highest level.

Initially, the program was intended for operation on the iOS OS, but the developers improved the version for Android.

Installing an application on a phone is easy, because it’s enough to simply meet a number of requirements:

  • The iOS version should be in development from 8.4;
  • A sufficient amount of memory (100 MB, because the program is quite light, not more than 75 MB, and does not require special sizes of free memory);
  • Active account in the App Store virtual store.

Despite the fact that the application is completely new, it will smoothly work on older models of iPhone (from 4s). The utility operates smoothly on both smartphones and other gadgets.sistemnye-trebovaniya-msqrdOf course, the program for Android is still under development, but many users have already been able to test it and pointed out a number of basic advantages and disadvantages.  MSQRD system requirements are as follows:

  • The size of the RAM should be greater than 512 MB;
  • Android OS version from 4.3;
  • The presence of a high-quality built-in camera, which will make it possible to take high-frequency images.

The developers, tirelessly, are working to improve the program. Already now you can try on masks of animals, mythical creatures, exchange a face with a partner in the photo, or choose for yourself wonderful eyes that directly reflect your emotions.

Utility MSQRD on iOS will bring many colors and funny episodes to your life.

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