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More recently, the network blew up a new application created by two incredibly talented guys from Belarus, which is intended, according to developers, to brighten up everyday grayness or sadness of users. The essence of the program MSQRD ME consists in the following: on the frontal or main camera of your gadget, each user can take a picture or shoot videos that are actually superimposed by specially created special effects. And it is no coincidence that the program is called MSQRD, which can be interpreted as a masquerade, because the arsenal of special effects is large and each user can choose a mask at his discretion, from the usual change of illumination to the complete replacement of the face and image. MSQRD will become an indispensable means of cheer up in a home environment, during lunchtime, while traveling in public transport and so on./Until recently, the program was only available for devices running iOS, which was one of the few drawbacks. But more recently, developers announced the release of the version, which will be intended for mobile devices running Android. In this regard, a huge number of people have appeared who want to download MSQRD. By downloading this application to your device, you can change your appearance. An undoubted advantage is the speed of the program, the overlay of masks and special effects is performed literally on the fly, the same applies to video recording. Thirty-three images will be offered at your choice, which are divided into categories: 1. Characters 2. Emotions 3. Masks4. Makeup5. Replacement of persons According to developers and people already using this fantastic application, it is this subsection that is a breakthrough, because before the release of Mascarad, not a single developer has yet implemented this idea. Based on these subsections, a frame will be framed. Note that the application is very well adjusted for the user and the effects that are superimposed look attractive. You can also supplement the face with some details: bulging eyes, tears of joy.

As mentioned above, the program contains the “Persons” module, in which you can find already beloved heroes of films and comics, actors, politicians. The most popular are images of Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Wissarionovich Stalin.

Another advantage of this application is the ability to tie it to social networks, whether it be Instagram, VKontakte or Facebook. This function avoids unnecessary actions and saves the user’s time if he decides to share the photo with friends and the public. Despite the fact that the program is already at the peak of popularity, developers are not going to dwell on the results already achieved and therefore, updates for this application come out with an enviable frequency. Not every program boasts such technical support that undoubtedly goes beyond the benefits.

How to download MSQRD for free?

As mentioned above, at the moment the application is available only for Apple devices, so further we will talk specifically about installing the program on devices of this brand. You can set MSQRD in two ways that are significantly different, but ultimately the result will be one. To download the utility using the first method, you only need to connect to the Internet and then you need to perform the following actions:

  • Enter the AppStore under the already created AppleID, if one is not available, then you can create it without leaving the online store by clicking the “create” button and then follow the instructions provided by the phone itself.
  • Since the application market has an innumerable free application available, it is easiest to use the search bar. After the desired utility appears on the screen, you need to click on the Free inscription. It means that this application is available for download for free.
  • If the user is interested in detailed information about the application, then he can click on the icon, after which the full description, size, reviews of other users and so on are displayed on the screen.
  • To install, you need to click on the inscription “free”, after which it will be replaced by “Install”, which, in turn, also needs to be clicked.
  • After these actions, you will be asked to enter the password or press the TouchID button (it depends on your phone model and individual settings). Then the automatic download and installation of the program will begin.

Having completed all these actions, an icon will appear on the working screen of your smartphone, which means that the program is installed and ready for use. The second way is somewhat more complicated and requires a USB cable, computer, connecting the latter to the global Internet and the installed iTunes program. If this is not available, then the program can be downloaded on the official Apple website by selecting the version suitable for your computer. After checking the above conditions, the user starts installing the following algorithm:

  • You must connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Next, iTunes starts automatically and automatic device synchronization with the program begins.
  • By opening the iTunes Store in the search bar, enter MSQRD and select the one we need from the proposed options.
  • After that, the “free” button already familiar to us pops up, after pressing which you want to confirm the profile by entering your name and password.
  • Then begins the automatic download of the program to the computer, the progress of which we can track at the top of the program dialog box.
  • By moving to the “iPhone” masonry, the user must select the “Programs” menu.
  • We find the item “Synchronize” and making sure that there is a checkmark, click the “Apply” button.

Since the installation comes from a third-party device, synchronization can take several minutes more, than in the first way. Having completed all these points, the program will be installed on the user’s apple device and a person will be able to enjoy this program, which, incidentally, is used by quite a few people around the world, despite her relatively “young” age. It’s no secret that stars “pull” this utility, as evidenced by photo and video material in personal profiles of Facebook and Instagram networks.

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