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2 August 2017, the Teleport App Store app ranked second in popularity among all other free programs in this store, although it became available for download only on July 24th. The App Store contains a description of this software. From it you can find out that the software allows you to change the hair color of a person’s hair depicted in the selected photo from the gallery or in the picture just taken. Using the software, it will also be possible to change the background in the photo or blur it.teleport-app-storeThe developers of the utility include Victor Koch. He said that it was created on the basis of a neural network. Thanks to this, the software allows you to effectively separate the silhouette of a person from the background of a photograph. To achieve this, software creators first did such work manually. They used 30,000 graphic files. After that, the software learned to perform such an operation on its own.

A team of specialists developed the program during 7 months. First, it was planned to create an application that will change the background in the video recordings. Thanks to this software, you can negotiate from different places.

teleport-app-storeKoch also said that the company is negotiating with some cosmetic brands so that using the application it is possible to select a shade of hair paint. It is likely that such an opportunity will appear in the future for users when they decide to download the updated version of Teleport appstore. The application has very good prospects. Moreover, at least 1 million US dollars were invested in this project. The main amount was invested by businessman Albert Nisanov. In addition, the United States of America is the registration location of Teleport. All of this in the aggregate suggests that the developers of the photo editor are serious about achieving good results.

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