Teleport for Android

Teleport is a popular photo editor for quickly processing selfies and other photos directly on a smartphone. If you are a fan of fixing and blocking your own photo, change the background and the tired hair color in a couple of minutes, then do not forget to download the Teleport photo editor to android. With him, it will be easier to realize creative impulses.


How to download and install the Teleport app for Android

Editor Teleport distributed free of charge. Its most interesting functions are changing the background, changing hair color and blurring. And all of them are realized extremely simply. With Teleport you can:

Go from blond to blue and back

Many users download the Teleport program precisely for the sake of the ability to “play” with hair color. 20 shades are offered, including trivial redhead or blond. But there is also ginger, amber, burgundy, dark green and other exotic colors. Would you like to stop on the same color? Create a collage of 3×3 or 2×2 with different tones.


Change the background to the desired

Replacing the background image is almost always done flawlessly. The database has a lot of “tasty” pictures for a background of various styles. But he does not intend to use his own background: a photo taken or downloaded by you. This is not to say that the program always cuts perfectly. But for the editor, who replaces the background in seconds in automatic mode, the quality is not bad.


Blur the background

Selfie masters know that this is a great way to focus on the face, not on the other details of the picture. In Teleport, background blur is implemented as a Background blur function. It is a simplified type of portrait mode of the iPhone.


What is the point?

The speed and simplicity with which you can modify the picture in any conditions, as well as a set of fairly original functions and color solutions highlighted this mobile photo editor from a number of similar programs. Instagram “stars” such as Sasha Spielberg, Regina Todorenko and Olga Buzova were spotted editing their pictures using Teleport.

Download Teleport Photo Editor for Android

This program will take you and make your friends smile. Original collages from Teleport will revive your tape on social networks. Do not expect much, but still try to download the Teleport photo editor for free on Android and have some fun with it.

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