Teleport for iPhone

Want to make your photos bright, creative and original? Then use the special application from Teleport Future Technologies! Open iTunes to download the teleport app for the iPhone and actually start using it instantly. The program weighs about 110 MB, the latest version is 1.2.2, the interface is English.


What is a teleport photo editor?

Teleport is a new application from Teleport Future Technologies that allows you to improve the work with photos and ultimately get interesting, unusual and visually attractive pictures. Photography, changing hair color and background are the key features of the proposed program.


Teleport application provides the creation of a truly high-quality photo. Such pictures are always pleasant to show friends or acquaintances, send to your loved one via E-mail or Skype, upload to a social network, for example, Facebook or VKontakte.


Hair color change

The second function that girls traditionally like is a change in hair color. You no longer need to paint to charm another young man. Now you can change your hair in two counts as you wish – for example, purple, green or red. And later – send the picture to a new acquaintance, but do not forget to download teleport to the iPhone.


Auto background replacement

Those who are going to teleport on Iphone to download for free in the future will also be able to instantly change the background of the image to the preferred – for example, in the form of a pattern, mountains, etc. This feature is suitable for those who like to decorate the smartphone screen with an elegant, unique and worthy background.


Background blur

The next tool is the ability to make the background blurry. Surprise friends and colleagues, create an impeccable, amazing and curious background picture! Any such photo will interest the viewer, attract his attention and definitely improve his opinion about you.

teleport photo editor on iphone

Background loading

Finally, no one will stop you from downloading your own background from those available in the gallery on Iphone and making the image truly worthy. Download the background and get different results! And at the final stage – send pictures to other users of mobile devices from Apple!


So, the Teleport photo editor is the ability to take a photo and turn it into a masterpiece using a number of tools that allow you to change the hair and background of the image, load predefined backgrounds, blur them and much more. Selfie processing takes an extremely short time.

Download Teleport photo editor to iPhone

Now you can take any pictures and immediately turn them into a good job. It remains only to download the application and you can create with a photo that you want!

Good luck to you!

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