Teleport app for iOS

Just from the first days, the Teleport iOS app became popular in the App Store. The number of downloads of this program is regularly increasing. Information about the emergence of a new photo editor quickly spread between users of different social networks. Currently, this software has already downloaded more than one and a half million people.

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Features of the Teleport program

For the first time, Teleport iOS became available for download on July 22. Literally immediately, users rated its few functions, but each of which is today very relevant for lovers of not only selfies, but also creators of different collages.

collage 2 on 2 teleport editor

The work of the application is based on a neural network. Thanks to this, the utility effectively separates the background of the image from the silhouette of a person. The software has several original features:

  1. Change in hair color on the head of the person displayed in the picture.
  2. Change in skin color.
  3. Change of background photo.

The first option allows you to select a shade of 20 possible options. The second function offers users to introduce themselves as travelers, since with its help you can choose one of 42 compositions, which will serve as a background for the picture. It can be a famous monument, structure and even the endless expanseas of the universe. Thanks to this function, it is subject to a person to create a photo in which he will be depicted next to the statue of Liberty, on a beautiful beach or near the Eiffel Tower. In addition, this option also allows you to blur the background, for example, a photograph taken at home.

skin color change in teleport editor

If Teleport download to iOS, then the user will be able to use a simple photo editor that is convenient to manage. With it, it becomes possible to create collages of two formats: 2×2 and 3×3.

After editing, each photo is saved on the device in automatic mode. Such a snapshot can be published on a popular social network, for example, Facebook or Instagram. It can also be sent to your friends at any time.

Blur rear photo in Teleport application

At the program Teleport there is one significant flaw. Many owners of the devices that installed the photo editor do not like him. Minus is the presence of a watermark. You can’t get rid of it using the utility directly. Perhaps this can be done in new versions of the application.

The lack of a Russian language in software can also be attributed to its shortcomings. However, software appeared on the software market recently, so it is likely that everything will change in the near future.

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