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The new photo editor began to win the audience not organically, unlike other applications. This program has become popular almost instantly, as it received information support from famous individuals in certain circles. They began to advertise software opportunities on social networks. In particular, some media people placed collages on Instagram. However, users will not find the VK Teleport community. Although in the social network, some of its participants share a link to this photo editor.

Image Editor Features

Links to Teleport in Contact allow you to find out that the new image editor provides an opportunity for all users who downloaded this software to use the following program functions:

  1. Change the hue of hair of people depicted in photographs stored in the smartphone gallery, or just created.
  2. Create collages exclusively 2 -x formats – 2×2 or 3×3.
  3. Change the background of the pictures or blur it, adjusting the degree of smoke.

teleport in contactThe first function, which is a change in hair color, allows you to select a shade of 20 proposed options. This option was created by the developer through the use of neural networks. This technology is already used by many companies to develop various software. It also served as the basis for creating another software function – changing the background in photographs. This option allows you to select one of 42 options that are already implemented in the program. The user can create a picture in which he will be depicted against the background, for example, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum and so on.приложение teleport in contactPhotos obtained as a result of editing are stored almost instantly. However, the user will have to wait a bit while the selected image from the smartphone library is loaded into the program. However, this nuance is not critical to refuse software. It is worth at least trying to change your appearance or the appearance of friends with the help of a new software. The minus of this application is the presence of a watermark. The utility does not have the ability to remove it. It is likely that the software developer will provide such an option in subsequent versions of the software. If you click on the link posted by VKontakte, then the owner of the device will still find out how download photo editor Teleport, co-founder of which is Victor Koch. Soft loading is free of charge from App store or an official store with Android applications – Google Play.

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