0xe8000015 error connecting to iTunes

When connecting an iPhone or iPad to a PC using iTunes, the user may encounter error 0x8000015. Also, sometimes the Apple ID fails when syncing over mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. The article will discuss how to fix this problem. iTunes error window

Possible Solutions

There are two main causes of error 0xe8000015 in iTunes: an outdated version of the program on a laptop or computer, as well as an unupdated firmware of the iPhone itself. This also applies to activation failure. First of all, it is worth performing a set of actions recommended by the developer. If this does not help, the only thing left is to enable Recovery Mode with subsequent recovery.

If an unknown error 0xe8000015 iTunes has occurred, then first of all you should make sure that it is not a single one. To do this, just reboot the system, turn off and on the smartphone and perform the action again.

Crash sometimes occurs due to insufficient free space on iPhone. Go to the main settings of the device, the parameter “Available”. iPhone available memory If it shows less than 1 GB, then delete the extra data.

A conflict may occur due to the fact that an outdated version of iTunes is being used. Open the program, call the menu “Help” and there click on the item related to the update. obnovlenij-iTunes-e1507778798627.png”>Checking for iTunes updates The system will automatically download the new version, if available, and then install it.

Similar situation with iPhone firmware update. To do it, go back to the main settings and call the “Software update” option. At the same time, it is recommended to connect to a Wi-Fi network, because in the process of downloading a file, at least 1 GB of traffic is consumed.

On your computer, open Task Manager. The easiest way to find it is with the search function located in the Start menu. In the window, expand the item “Controllers USB”. ustrojstv.png”USB-Controllers-in-Device ManagerSearch for Apple Mobile Device, right-click on it and select Remove Device. Then you need to restart the system.

Method 2: Recovery Mode

If the above steps did not resolve the error when connecting iPhone to iTunes 0x8000015, then you should use device recovery. To do this, download the latest firmware version for your smartphone model to your computer. Go to your iPhone settings, open the iCloud section, where you need to turn off the “Find iPhone” function. Turn off the entire device. Hold down the Home key and connect it to your computer with a USB cable.

Wait until the program icon appears on the monitor, then release the key. In the window that opens, click on the item “Update”. Follow the instructions on the screen. When the procedure is over, disconnect the cable from the PC and turn off the iPhone. Then hold down the Home key and press the power button. When the Apple icon appears, let go. This should resolve the 0x8000015 crash.


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