Safe Mode in Firefox

Safe mode is a convenient tool in the Firefox browser on a PC to find and eliminate the causes of malfunctions.

Running a secure mode is easy:

  • Click by the icon with three horizontal stripes. You can find it in the upper right corner.
  • Help. Left-click on the question mark.
  • Restart without additions. We select this item. Everything is ready! The safe mode of the Mozilla Firefox browser has been launched.


Why do you need a safe mode?

Mozilla Firefox Browser starts without personal settings, with cleaned plugins, etc. In fact, it’s like running a browser just installed on a computer.

Please note: before starting in a safe mode, the browser will ask: whether you want to run in a safe mode or clear Firefox. In the first case, user settings are ignored, but if you close open windows and start the browser again, everything will become as it was.

If you choose to “cleanse Firefox”, then all custom settings, open tabs, etc. are not subject to recovery. You will need to configure the browser again. It is not recommended to do a complete cleaning without saving your personal profile just in case.

Safe mode is needed to track possible errors. If problems arise due to the plugin, then turning on in a safe mode will help you find the cause of the error and fix it.

Additional information

If the unstable operation of the browser is repeated when starting in a safe mode, probably the reason for the problem lies not in it, but in something else. Perhaps it’s time to update the computer.

Please note: a long time of launching an application may indicate an insufficient amount of RAM or its load. To check, it is recommended to restart not only the browser, but also the computer and run Mozilla. If the browser starts quickly, most likely the matter is in a small amount of RAM. It is recommended to either increase memory or restart the computer more often.

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