Firefox pop-up blocker – the basis of Internet security!

Each site has a unique structure and functionality. Many fans are used to the fact that blocking Firefox pop-ups can be used to prevent the appearance of advertising messages and unwanted content.

As practice shows, this functionality can be used by “respectable” sites, showing the desired data on them. It is for this reason that it is necessary to correctly configure the corresponding Mozilla Firefox blocker.

Firefox pop-up lock lock

How to block pop-ups in Firefox?

Each modern browser has a built-in pop-up window blocker. Many users prefer to download Firefox for a computer, as it most adequately processes this event. If you want to make your own filters, then you will need to:

  • Open tab “Menu»(button of three stripes);
  • Go to “Settings»- >”Content. Alternative – enter the address bar “about: preferences # content;
  • Select the required items;
  • If you want to allow some sites to open pop-up windows, go to “Exceptions;
  • After making changes, click “Save change»and close the tab;

If you do not want to spend time on such actions, then when you open the pop-up tab, the browser will show you the corresponding warning. Choose the right option to continue to use the browser comfortably. So you know how to lock pop-ups in fierfox.

In addition, there is an alternative to the difficult settings inside the browser – the extension of AdBlock Plus. It not only blocks pop-up windows, but also unwanted advertising. To set the extension, enter “about: addons” in the address bar, then select “Get Add-ons” and install AdBlock. There is nothing simpler, but you will certainly appreciate all the benefits of the Internet without advertising and pop-ups!

In addition, similar functionality is available for those who decide to download Firefox for the phone for free. The browser will be able to save not only expensive Internet traffic, but also will speed up the loading of sites and protect the personal device from malicious files. Protect yourself from the Internet threat right now!

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